Sustainable Infrastructure and Geotechnical Laboratory (SIGLaB)

Maghoul Research Group - University of Manitoba

About Us

The Sustainable Infrastructure and Geotechnical Research Team, founded by Dr. Pooneh Maghoul, P.Eng. at the University of Manitoba, aims to develop innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions and strategies to enhance the structural and energy integrity of Geotechnical and Transportation Infrastructure and Subsurface Utilities.

Research Topics

Buried Infrastructure & Utilities

structural and thermal integrity of buried infrastructure and utilities in cold region; soil-pipeline interaction in landslide zones.

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

seismic site effect; dynamic soil-structure interaction; wave propagation in porous materials.

Non-Destructive Testing Development

wave propagation in porous materials; development of new non-destructive testing algorithms for geo-materials.

Infrastructure Resilience to Climate Change

deformation and stability of transportation and geotechnical infrastructure affected by global warming.

Renewable Geothermal Energy

piled energy geo-structures in cold region; d-Icing & snow melting of bridge decks and pavements by using thermal piles; behavior of concrete geothermal energy piles.

Energy Efficiency of Building

energy efficiency of basement structures in cold regions

Collaborators & Sponsors

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