Research Associates

AKO BAHARI | Research Associate (2017-2018)

Research Topic: Software Development for Wave Propagation in Porous Materials

Current Position: Mechanical Engineer, Stress Engineering Services Inc. (Calgary)

Visiting PhD Fellows

DANA AMINI | Visiting PhD Intern (2018)

Research Topic: Numerical Implementation of Elasto-Plastic Dynamic Constitutive Model of Saturated Soils in HYBRID Code (FEM/BEM).

Current Position: PhD Student, SIGLab, University of Manitoba

MSc Fellows

MARYAM SAALY | MSc Student (2017-2019)

Research Topic: Energy and Structural Performance of Thermoactive Piles in Cold Regions

Current Position: Geotechnical Engineer, KGS Group (Winnipeg)

ALITKING ANONGPHOUTH | MSc Student (2015-2019)

Research Topic: Investigating the Performance of Geothermal Energy Piles Using Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Finite Element Analyses

Current Position:

KIRILL BOBKO | MSc Student (2016-2018)

Research Topic: Energy Efficiency of Below-Grade Envelope of the Stanley-Pauley Engineering Building in Winnipeg

Current Position: Geotechnical Engineer, Klohn Crippen Berger (Calgary)

HONGWEI LIU | MSc Student (2016-2018)

Research Topic: Numerical Modeling in Geotechnical Engineering with Applications in Cold Regions

Current Position: PhD Candidate, SIGLab, University of Manitoba

MEng Students

AMRUTHRAJ MUTHURAJ | MEng Student (2018-2020)

Research Topic: Monitoring and Analysis of Shelterbelt Installations at Sections of PTH 1 from Head-ingley to Portage La Prairie

Current Position:

ORKHAN GURBANLI | MEng Student (2017-2019)

Research Topic: Technical Guidelines for Pile Foundation Design to Improve the Sustainability of Infrastructure in Cold Regions

Current Position: Geotechnical Engineer, Tekfen Engineering (Azerbaijan)

Undergraduate Students

YU YAN LI | Undergraduate Summer Student (2018)

Research Topic: Application of Energy Piles in Cold Regions

Current Position: Undergraduate Student, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Manitoba

ASHISH RANJAN | International Summer Undergrad. Student (2018)

Research Topic: Stability and Deformation of Embankments on Soft Clay Foundations.

Current Position: Undergraduate Student, India