Fuzhou University Summer Visit Program

Fuzhou University Summer Visit Program

A group of civil engineering undergrad students from Fuzhou University have come to the University of Manitoba as a summer visit program. Their schedule included three short courses in Environmental, Geotechnical (and Structural), and Hydraulics:

  • Day 3: Pump Test
  • Day 4: Geotechnical (and Structural) Engineering
  • Day 7: Hydraulics

On the 4th day of the program which was carried out by two of Dr. Maghoul’s research team members (Ali Fatolahzadeh & Iman Jabalameli), Iman presented a short lecture on Structural Dynamics, covering the topics such as live vs dead loads and derivation of simple equations of motion, and the importance of Structural Dynamics. He then explained the shaking table apparatus by demonstrating the effects of amplitude and frequency, the resonance phenomenon, and the simulation of some of the famous earthquakes of the last century.

Ali’s lecture included the explanation of Geotechnical Engineering, its subcategories, career opportunities, and the expectations from a Geotechnical Engineer, followed by the examples of some cases he worked on as a geotechnical engineer. He also presented a short lecture on Mechanics of Materials, emphasizing on how some topics in this fundamental course can be applied to real-world geotechnical and structural projects. He then demonstrated the deflection and shear force/bending moment tests, followed by a brief tour of the laboratory.


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