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Characterization of Complex Porous Media (Multiphase Geomaterials)

  • Maghoul P.Liu H., Shalaby A., Filed July 2020. Systems and Methods for Ultrasonic Characterization of Permafrost, Frozen Soil and Saturated Soil Samples, US Provisional Patent No: 63/051,067.
  • Liu H., Maghoul P., Shalaby A., April 2020. Intelligent MASW, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3776875, Under open-source Apache License 2.0. [Link]

Seismic Site Effects (Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering)

  • Amini D., Maghoul P.Gatmiri B., Kamalian M., 2020. SiteQUAKE: a Seismic Site Effect Software. [Link]

Under two licenses: Academic License (0,00$), for use by universities and colleges for research and/or teaching purposes. Perpetual license, software updates included when available. No technical support provided; and Commercial License (250,00$) annually, for private sector use. 12-month license. License renewal is required for the continued use of the software and to obtain software updates. Technical support included.

  • Maghoul P., Gatmiri B., 2020. OpenPoroBEM: a Boundary Element Method (BEM) Software for multiphase porous media, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4291023, Under open-source Apache License 2.0. [Link]