Research areas

Climate Resiliency of the Infrastructure

Geomechanics of Permafrost; Northern Infrastructure; Climate Warming; Threat Assessment; Remote Sensing & AI

Space/Planetary Geotechnics

Regolith-Rover-Structure Interaction; Sustainable Construction; Seismic Geophysics; Granular Mechanics; Impact & Moonquake

Non-Destructive Testing Development

Wave Propagation in Porous Materials; Ultrasonic NDT; Seismic NDT; Bone Characterization (Biomedical Application)

Renewable Geothermal Energy

Energy Piles; Energy Geo-Structures; Soil-Structure Interaction; De-Icing & Snow Melting; Permafrost Stabilization; Thermosyphon

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Seismic Site Effect; Slope Stability; Construction-Induced Ground Vibration; Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction

Buried Infrastructure & Utilities

Structural and Thermal Integrity of Buried Infrastructure; Soil-Pipeline Interaction; Constitutive Models; Natural Hazards