Infrastructure Resilience to Climate Change

Geomechanical Constitutive Modeling for Permafrost

In this research, we develop novel constitutive models (extensive laboratory work and theoretical development) for:

  • Elastoplastic consitutive model for thaw settlement and frost heave.
  • Elasto-ThermoViscoPlastic consitutive model for permafrost active layers.
Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical FEM Analysis of Permafrost Affected by Climate Warming

In this research, we implemen novel geomechanical constitutive models in the in-house FEM numerical codes (OpenGeoSys & Theta-Stock) and commercially available software (COMSOL & Abaqus)

Satellite Remote Sensing and AI-Based Pattern Recognition

In this research, we use satellite remote sensing and AI-based pattern recognition techniques to monitor the infrastructure.

FEM Analysis of Northern Infrastructure & Asset Management

In this research, we 

  • apply a range of climate scenarios to predict permafrost degradation at different time intervals,
  • use a FEM analysis to study the effect of permafrost degradation on the structural integrity of civil infrastructure in northern Canada,
  • provide climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies over the life-cycle of northern infrastructure.