Mohammad Katebi, PhD Candidate (2016 – Present)

Research Interests: Soil-Pipeline Interaction in Landslide Zones, Seismic Site Effects, Seismic Microzonation, Stress-Deformation Analysis, Thermal Analysis.

Bio: Mohammad Katebi is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Manitoba. Mohammad completed his M.Sc. at the University of Tehran and his undergraduate studies at the University of Guilan. He used to work as a deep soil excavation designer and site manager. He had also been a sessional lecturer at the Azad University of Buin Zahra and the Azad University of Safadasht before moving to Winnipeg. Mohammad has taught roughly ten undergraduate courses in Iran and was engaged in five deep soil excavation projects in Tehran. He currently serves as a teacher assistant for Geomatics at the University of Manitoba. This various expertise has given him quite unique interpersonal skills developed through active engagement in teaching, collaborations, teamwork, and voluntary roles.

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Mohammad Hodaei, PhD Student (2017 – Present)

Research Interests: Contact Mechanics, Vibration Modeling, Acoustics, Wave Propagation in Porous Media, Bone Structure, Ultrasonic Techniques.

Bio: Mohammad joined the Ph.D. program under my supervision in the area of Biomedical Engineering in Winter 2017. Prior to coming to the UofM, he completed his first Ph.D. studies in Mechanical Engineering at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) in USA. He obtained his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology (SUT) in Iran. 

After receiving his first doctorate degree in August 2015, Mohammad joined the School of Engineering at Grand Valley State University as a visiting professor. He was teaching the course “Engineering Design by Solid Work-Solid Cam,” and a laboratory course entitled, “Engineering Measurements and Data Analysis.” The two courses are made up of several sections involving more than eighty (80) students.

Mohammad joined my research group at the Department of Biomedical Engineering to work on “Osteoporosis Diagnosis Using an Ultrasonic Technique” which is an innovative approach in Biomedical Engineering and very useful for people living in remote areas. 

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Hongwei Liu, PhD Student (2018 – Present)

Research Interests: Geothermal Energy, Geothermal-Based Snow-Melting System for Bridge Decks, Buried Utilities, Insulation Design, Frost Heave Modeling, THM modeling in Freezing Soils, NDT Methods, Wave Propagation in Porous Media, Programming, Constitutive Laws.

Bio: Hongwei Liu is a Ph.D student in Geotechnical Engineering at University of Manitoba. His research interest is developing innovative techniques for Non-Destructive-Test in soil through wave propagation analysis and advance computational algorithms. He obtained his Master of Science degree in Geotechnical Engineering in 2018. His research areas included snow melting system using geothermal energy, frost heave modeling, coupled Thermo-Hydro model development and fully coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical model development. Research results have been submitted to several top journals and currently are under review.

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Ali Fatolahzadeh, PhD Student (2018 – Present)

Research Interests: Subsurface Utilities, Structural Integrity of Buried Infrastructure, Thermal Analysis, Cold Regions.

Bio: Ali is a Research Assistant and an PhD student in the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Manitoba. He got his first Master’s in Geotecchnical Engineering from Shiraz University, working on laboratory tests and numerical simulation of Geosynthetics. He joined SIGLab team after working for 3 years as a geotechnical designer, specialized in geotechnical simulations (FEM, CEL). His current field of research is “The Integrity of Subsurface Infrastructure in Cold Regions”. He is also a computer programmer (Python, C, NodeJS) and does hiking, swimming, amateur astronomy, and photography in his spare time.

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Marziyeh Fathalikhani, PhD Student (2018 – Present)

Research Interests:

Bio: Marziyeh Fathalikhani is a doctoral candidate in Geotechnical Engineering with a focus on climate change at cold regions at the University of Manitoba. She received her M.Sc. degree in Geotechnical engineering from University of Tehran, after completing her B.Sc. degrees, in Civil Engineering from Sharif University of Technology.
During her master thesis, she worked on elastic-fragile model in unsaturated porous media. Her research interests in geotechnical engineering are in the areas of numerical modeling, porous media, soil constitutive models, geotechnical earthquake design, deep excavation stabilization and soil improvement methods.
She also has worked at different civil engineering companies during her education and also after. She is specialists at various methods of soil improvement and designing deep excavation stabilization using nailing and anchorage systems and Berliner walls.

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