Seismic Design Competition


The Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Manitoba is organizing The First Annual Seismic Design Competition (SDC) in March 2019. Teams should design and build a multi-story model structure from Balsa wood by using a structural design software. The structure will be tested on a small-scale earthquake simulator and will be assessed by the technical committee, according to the rubric that will be provided with the instructions and rules. Each team may consist of up to 10 undergraduate members and can be mentored by one graduate student. Since the architectural design is considered in the assessment, each team can benefit from the membership of up to two undergraduate Architecture students.
The technical committee will be awarding a cash prize to the Most Earthquake-Resistant Structure, the Best Poster Presentation based on technical merit, and the Best Architectural Design.

Objectives of the competition

The purpose of the Seismic Design Competition is to develop the knowledge of seismic design through further research and experiments among undergraduate students at the University of Manitoba. This is, in part, a response to a recent amendment to the Manitoba Building Code (MBC), which requires seismic design considerations for buildings. The SDC provide Civil Engineering students an opportunity to gain an experience in the design and construction of earthquake-resistant cost-efficient structures.

Design assessment

The committee will assess team performance based on the oral and poster presentations, architectural design of the model, ability to meet the design criteria and constraints, analytical prediction of the model performance, the response of the model to earthquake motions, and the most cost-efficient design.


Team registration is free and should be carried out by completing and submitting the online registration form at
Each team should introduce a representative for correspondence with the technical committee. For more information please visit

Important Dates and Deadlines

Registration via email 20 Aug. 2018 to 27 Sept. 2018
Workshop 1: Seismic design principles (3 sessions) 26 Oct. 2018 to 9 Nov. 2018
Proposal submission 15 Nov. 2018 to 31 Dec. 2018
Notification of proposal acceptance 18 Jan. 2019
Workshop 2: Seismic design and construction guidelines (2 sessions) 21 Jan. 2019 to 2 Feb. 2019
Drop-off the wooden model 25 and 26 Mar. 2019
Pre-assessment of Balsa Wooden Structures 27 Mar. 2019
Final competition (Atrium) 29 Mar. 2019

Organizing Committee

  • Iman Jabalameli, M.Sc. (Lead)
  • Ali Fatolahzadeh, M.Sc.
  • Erfan Hajibandeh, B.Sc.
  • Kirill Bobko, M.Sc.

Technical Committee

  • Dr. Dami Adedapo, P.Eng. (KGS Group)
  • Dr. Youngjin Cha, P.Eng. (Department of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba)
  • Dr. Ehab El-Salakawy, P.Eng. (Department of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba)
  • Dr. Mohamed Hasaballa, P.Eng. (TetraTech)
  • Iman Jabalameli, M.Sc. (Department of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba)
  • Dr. Mike Lau, P.Eng. (Dillon)
  • Dr. Pooneh Maghoul, P.Eng. (Department of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba)
  • Dr. Dagmar Svecova, P.Eng. (Department of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba)


  • Dr. Pooneh Maghoul, P.Eng. (Department of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba)