Research Team

Post-Doc Fellows

FARHAD DAVARIPOUR | Post-Doc Fellow (2021-Present)

Research Topic: Evaluation of the effects of pipe-soil interaction on the stress-based design of buried pipelines using advanced numerical modeling

Research Interests: Soil-Structure Interaction, Contact Mechanics, Thermal Analysis, Pipelines, Numerical Modeling

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MIAD JARRAHI | Post-Doc Fellow (2021-Present)

Research Topic: Enhanced rock formation characterization using Gas Expansion Induced Water Intrusion Porosimetry

Research Interests: Fracture Mechanics, Material Characterization

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PhD Research Fellows

ALI FATOLAHZADEH | PhD Candidate (2018-Present)

PhD Thesis: Threat Assessment of Northern Infrastructure Affected by Climate Change Using an AI-based Geomechanical Framework

Research Interests: Data-Driven Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Climate Change Adaptation, Permafrost Degradation, Threat Assessment, Sustainability, Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical, Surface Energy Balance, Thaw Settlement

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DANA AMINI | PhD Student (2019-Present)

PhD Thesis: Development of an Advanced Coupled Geomechanical Tool for Analysis of Infrastructure Affected by Frost Action

Research Interests: FEM Method, Software Development, THM Analyses, Advanced Constitutive Models, Climate Change Adaptation, Permafrost Degradation, Freeze-Thaw Cycle, Frost Heave, Thaw Settlement, Sustainability, Cold Regions

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DYLAN STAFFORD (Co-Supervision) | PhD Student (2020-Present)

PhD Thesis: Hydrological Impact of Permafrost Thaw to Groundwater and Rivers

Research Interests: Hydrology, Permafrost Degradation, Advanced Constitutive Model, Climate Change Adaptation Sustainability, Groundwater, Rivers, Ice

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HONGWEI LIU | PhD Candidate (2018-Present)

PhD Thesis: Development of Geomechanical and Geophysical Models for Non-Invasive Characterization of Geomaterials

Research Interests: Seismic Non-Invasive Techniques, Geomechanics, Geophysics, MASW, Ultrasound, Spectral Element Method, Machine Learning, Porous Media, Permafrost Degradation, Climate Change, Sustainability

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ISHMAEL YEVUGAH (Co-Supervision) | PhD Student (2020-Present)

PhD Thesis: Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical (THMC) modeling of hydraulicfracture evolution in salt rock geothermal reservoir

Research Interests: THM Modeling, Numerical Modeling, Hydraulic Fracturing, THMC Modeling, Numerical Modeling, Hydraulic Fracturing, Numerical Modeling, Hydraulic Fracturing

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IMAN JABALAMELI | PhD Candidate (2018-Present)

PhD Thesis: Risk Assessment of Riverbank Subjected to Construction Induced Vibrations

Research Interests: Slope Stability, Construction-induced Vibrations, Riverbank Stability, Wave Propagation, Soil-Structure interaction, Liquefaction, Dynamic Settlement, Lateral Loading, Rock-fill Column

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MAHDI ALAEI | PhD Student (2020-Present)

PhD Thesis: Design of a Bio-Inspired Self-Burrowing Smart Probe for Subsurface Investigation of Lunar Regolith

Research Interests: Planetary Geotechnics, The Moon, Lunar Exploration, Discrete Element Method, Impact, Robotics, Granular Materials, Smart Geotechnics, Bio-Inspired Solutions

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MARZIYEH FATHALIKHANI | PhD Student (2018-Present)

PhD Thesis: Development of a Critical-State Elasto-Thermo-ViscoPlastic Constitutive Model for Rate-Dependent Deformation of Permafrost

Research Interests: Advanced Constitutive Models, Elasto-Thermo-ViscoPlastic Constitutive Model, Permafrost, Climate Change, Critical-State Model, Sustainability

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MOHAMMAD HODAEI | PhD Candidate (2017-Present)

PhD Thesis: Characterization of Bone-Like Porous Materials Using Acoustic Waves

Research Interests: Poromechanics, Biomechanics, Bone-Like Materials, Osteoporosis, Acoustic Waves

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SHIHAO CUI | PhD Student (2020-Present)

PhD Thesis: Health Monitoring of Subsurface Geostructures Using Non-Invasive Techniques

Research Interests: Non-Invasive Techniques, Geostructures, Piles, Scour, Reuse of Existing Foundations, Machine Learning, Seismic Waves

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MSc Research Fellows

NIKHIL BARAL | MSc Student (2020-Present)

MSc Thesis: TBD

Research Interests: TBD

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MEng Students

SIAVASH KAZEMBAKHSHI | MEng Student (2019-Present)

Research Topic: TBD

Research Interests: TBD

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Undergraduate Students